Friday, July 28, 2017

Fish, Fun, & Folk Festival in Twillingate

Had fun in Twillingate Thursday afternoon watching the kick off of their summer festival. Link to photos -

In search of an Iceberg

Today we headed to Bridgeport Newfoundland to see a rare sight - the first iceberg to migrate into their harbor in 35 years. It was not there. 

We met a nice guy carrying a lobster down the street and he said "It's still out there, sure enough. Around the corner. I'll call my son and he'll take you to see it." We said OK (of course) and headed for the harbor. We met Dwayne Canning there and he took us straight away on his 14 ft dory.

When we got just outside the main harbor, the iceberg was sitting there doing what icebergs do - melting slowly and making a lot of cracking noises. The weather has been hot the last few days so this berg is getting small fast. We're so happy we met Dwayne (and his Dad) and got the chance to see this berg up close!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gander Aviation Museum

Great visit to the small but impressive aviation museum in Gander, NL. Clockwise ftom top left: the first flight simulator, inside the cockpit of a DC-3, part of the twin towers presented to Gander on the 10th anniversary of 911 for helping thousands of stranded travelers. #newfoundland #gander #ontheroad

CQ CQ CQ KG4MKL CQ - practicing my morse code, I'm really rusty! #newfoundland #gander #morsecode #cq #ontheroad

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Happy Camper Socks


Happy camper socks are in order today! We're headed East across Newfoundland to Gander. While NL is packed full of wonderfully friendly people, this town stands out for it's amazing efforts after the 911 attack. With a strategically located international airport they were on the front line receiving thousands of diverted flights. The townspeople opened their hearts and their homes to distressed travelers. #gander #newfoundland #blogthis

Monday, September 5, 2016

A week in San Francisco

We left the Redwoods a few weeks ago, ready for a big city adventure. Along the way we stopped in a few small California towns and sampled some wine. Most of it was OK, some of it was really bad, and a few bottles were very good. Unfortunately, after so many wine tastings, we really can't remember which was which...

We arrived in our new location, 10 miles north of the Golden Gate bridge on August 28th, excited for our week long stay. We were close to the Larkspur Ferry terminal so that's how we got into the city. We added a 7 day Muni pass for all other transportation and we went almost 'car less' for 9 days!

We rode ferries, buses, street cars, and trains, and still managed to walk an average of 7 miles a day! 

During our visit we saw museums, great outdoor spaces, and cheesy tourist things. We ate great food, did lots of people watching, and saw some amazing views. 

Interesting things you might NOT know about San Francisco...
  • The cable car is the only MOVING National Historic Monument in the World.
  • Marilyn Monroe married baseball star Joe Di Maggio in San Francisco's City Hall in 1954.
  • The steepest street is not Lombard. Filbert St. between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets is even steeper at 31.5 degrees. We know because we hiked it!
  • Twain never uttered the quote, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”
  • San Franscisco outlawed burials in 1901. Most of its cemeteries are in Colma, California. There, the dead outnumber the living by over 1000 to 1.
  • The Chinese fortune cookie was invented by a Japanese resident of San Francisco. You can visit the Fortune Cookie Factory in Chinatown to sample their wares.
  • When Al Capone was at Alcatraz, he gave regular Sunday concerts with the inmate band, the Rock Islanders. He played the banjo.

Here are some of our random photos from the week - (click on the arrows to the left and right of the image to navigate):

San Francisco

photo link here: