Sunday, June 3, 2018

Day one, mile one

We always have a million “last minute” reasons why we can’t leave but we always seem to sort things out and get on our way. This Spring was no different, with both planned and unexpected obstacles but we can report that as of 10:30 CST, June 3rd we are on our way!

Our travel plans this summer will focus on the Rockies. Charles, Tucker, and I will start with a week in Santa Fe and then slowly move north in search of an elevation that keeps us at a comfy 75 degrees. Of course we’ll dip down occassionally to catch some ‘not to be missed’ state and national parks. Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and maybe Montana are on our list but if we find a spot we love we might just stay there all summer.

This week we’ll do a few one night stops from here to Santa Fe with the first stop being Biloxi. Not only is it an easy 4 hour ride from Destin, there’s a craps table at Hard Rock casino that owes me some money!

Share with us your favorite spots along the way - we love finding fun new places to visit!

This link will take you to a google map list of everywhere we have camped on this trip:

~ Robin

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